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Easy documentation of picked pallets

Commissioning and Packaging Station

Time pressure and a wide variety of products are constant companions during commissioning. It is not uncommon to forget to load something onto the pallet. Missing goods then lead to complaints or grievances. But was the mistake actually in your outgoing goods, or did you indeed send the pallet out complete? These are questions to be clarified in case of a complaint. But how?



The solution lies in documenting the commissioned pallets that leave your warehouse. This is usually done manually using a digital camera. But how does that fit with the aforementioned time pressure? In reality, it doesn't. Additionally, manually storing the images of pallets requires time and introduces a potential source of errors.



The Solution to Your Documentation Problems During Commissioning

The DokuStation by CLK GmbH eliminates the aforementioned issues precisely. The pallet is moved into the area between the cameras, and with just one button press, the entire contents of the pallet are captured. Additionally, the optical identification code attached to the pallet is read.

The images and code are then automatically sorted and stored in your system. In no time, your goods can be fully and sustainably documented. Furthermore, your personnel are relieved of this task, allowing more time for value-added activities.


  • Seamless documentation of your goods with minimal effort

  • Simplified evidence for complaints

  • Nearly any placement at the optimal logistics position is possible

  • Easy operation

  • Status display ensures correct documentation

  • Special and high-quality industrial cameras guarantee long life and long-term availability

  • No separate lighting required with sufficient hall lighting



The DokuStation - Control

The control concept is designed for minimal user interaction. To document, simply press the shutter release button. Everything else happens automatically. If needed, the last captured images and the read code can be checked on the screen by the commissioning staff. In case of malfunctions, clear error messages are issued, and manual entry of the code is easily possible if necessary.


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