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aWish Research Project

Cost-Efficient Solution for Enhanced Animal Welfare

Research projects in the industry play a crucial role in developing innovative technologies and solutions. Companies invest in diverse projects to enhance their competitiveness and explore new markets.

From developing sustainable production processes to optimizing supply chains and researching new materials, numerous areas are covered. In these projects, experts from various disciplines collaborate closely to collectively address complex challenges. Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and data analytics are employed. Through these research projects, the industry drives innovation and shapes the future of technology and economic growth


The aWish project is a European research initiative aimed at developing a cost-efficient solution to assess and improve the welfare of animals used for meat production, such as fattening pigs and broiler chickens, on a large scale in Europe.

The solution involves the automatic monitoring of animal-related welfare indicators in the slaughterhouse, aiming to provide feedback and best practices to those responsible for various production stages. The project utilizes advanced technologies to enhance animal welfare and assist farmers and industry professionals in complying with regulations.

Pilot Projects at the Core, Developed with Various Stakeholders

At the core of the project are six pilot projects led by multidisciplinary teams comprising animal welfare and technology experts, as well as end-users such as integrators, meat processors, farmers, and transporters.

These teams will develop and test novel technologies for monitoring animal welfare and collect existing routine and feasible animal welfare indicator (AWI) data in a specific pilot region centered around a slaughterhouse and its suppliers. The data and insights gained from the pilot studies will feed into various work packages of the project.

The aWish feedback loop will be tested by utilizing the aWish data platform and encouraging actors in their supply chain to use the feedback tool, enabling them to access the latest AWI data related to their batch and take appropriate actions.

Expected outcomes of the
aWish project include:

Active promotion and demonstration of the results in each of the pilot regions to share insights and best practices with the industry and other stakeholders.

Enhanced ability to assess and monitor animal welfare in a region, country, or group of operators through the use of the AWI catalog and other monitoring technologies developed within the project.

Improved capacities for further enhancing animal welfare among entrepreneurs or decision-makers through the provision of best practices and innovative tools, such as the feedback tool and guidelines for best practices.

Enhanced ability to consider the environmental and socio-economic impacts of proposed practices and innovations by evaluating the effects of project implementation on these factors.


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