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BoxCheck - Optical Inspection

of E1 and E2 Multi-Purpose Containers for Contamination and Defects

Reliable Inspection of Your Multi-Purpose Containers!

The E1 and E2 multi-purpose containers are cleaned using an industrial washing machine. Often, not all label residues are removed, or defective containers are allowed through the system. When such defective or contaminated containers continue their journey into production, they can cause a variety of disruptions.


Common Issues:

Cracks and holes in the container's bottom can compromise its stability and sealing. Label residues, due to incompletely removed barcodes, can transmit incorrect information into the system.

Our Concept is as follows:

The container is captured and evaluated by 6 cameras. Five cameras capture the container in incident light to detect contamination inside the container and label residues on the outer sidewalls. The damages to the container's bottom are inspected in transmitted light, slightly offset from another camera.

Defective or contaminated containers are detected by the system and can be automatically sorted out or subjected to a rewash cycle.

The CLK BoxCheck

CLK GmbH, a specialist in industrial image processing, has developed a system for inspecting E1 and E2 multi-purpose containers to make your production more efficient and minimize costs. Leveraging our extensive experience in image processing, we identified disruptive factors in the process and developed a product that minimizes them, making your production even more efficient.


  • Reduced product loss
  • Minimized downtime
  • Flexible adjustment of inspection parameters
  • Robust hardware with IP67 protection
  • Inspection of up to 2500 pieces/hour
  • Database connection for comprehensive evaluation
  • Data collection for optimizing the washing machine settings




Through remote access, maintenance can be performed anytime. Our clear GUI provides you with all relevant information at a glance. Additionally, the system features automatic self-diagnosis and a configurable notification function, keeping you informed about the current status of your system.

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