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[Translate to English:] Rendite System bei CLK
[Translate to English:] Rendite System bei CLK


Innovative 3D technology for measuring broiler chicken yield


is an advanced technology that employs two 3D cameras to capture detailed images of broiler chickens from various angles. These images are analyzed using image recognition algorithms and machine learning techniques to extract anatomical features of the animals, such as the size and shape of the breast, legs, and hips. Based on this information, a 3D model of the chicken is created, which is then analyzed to determine the weight and volume of individual body parts, such as fillets, legs, and wings.

One of the key features of the CLK Rendite System

is its ability to work with different breeds of broiler chickens. The system can adjust to the specific anatomical characteristics of each breed, ensuring accurate measurements regardless of the type of chicken. To handle the large volume of data generated during high-speed imaging, the 3D reconstruction is performed by two GPUs, enabling faster and more efficient processing of the images.




 „In summary, the CLK Rendite system offers a faster, more accurate, and more efficient method for measuring broiler chicken yield.“



Results in real-time

This enables the system to provide results in real-time, allowing for efficient and accurate assessment of the yield of each body part. The CLK Rendite System offers farmers and processors valuable insights, enabling them to optimize production processes and improve efficiency. The system stores database entries with the evaluation data and captured images, which can be used for the individual assessment of each flock. The system generates daily reports and enables internal evaluations, allowing for comprehensive analysis of yield and animal performance.


Your yield


With the CLK Rendite System, we evaluate 4 chickens per second, or 15,000 chickens per hour, with a Z-accuracy of 0.6mm and an X and Y accuracy of 2px/mm.

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