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Foreign Object Detection - Plastics

As the term suggests, foreign object detection refers to the identification of foreign objects. Foreign objects can be defined differently, but in general, they are undesired items that negatively affect product quality or safety.

For instance, the food industry is an excellent example. In this industry, objects such as metal, plastics, and other non-edible or hazardous materials are searched for. Various methods are available for their detection.

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VacuCheck - Optical Quality Control of Cheese Packaging

Correctly vacuum-sealed cheese packaging (pouch bags) shows a characteristic folding pattern at the sealing seams. In case of leaks, this folding pattern does not occur due to air inflow. The CLK VacuCheck utilizes this characteristic for an objective, hygienic, and fast optical quality control of sealing tightness. Specific imaging techniques capture and evaluate the relevant areas. As a result, nearly 100% of all leaky packages can be identified. The system is designed for use in the food industry according to hygienic design guidelines and can be completely opened for necessary cleaning. The optical acquisition eliminates any product-contacting areas.

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In logistics, standardized reusable transport packaging is an essential component for minimizing packaging costs and automating processes. A well-known example is the European pallet pool. In the food industry, various plastic containers with compatible dimensions are common. For instance, the meat industry uses red containers with a base area of 600 x 400 mm and three different heights, also referred to as E1/E2/E3 crates.

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Time pressure and a wide variety of goods are constant companions in picking processes. It is not uncommon to forget to load something onto the pallet. Missing items then lead to complaints or grievances. However, was the error really in your goods dispatch, or did you indeed send the pallet fully loaded? These are questions that need to be clarified in case of complaints. But how?

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