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CLK mission statement

Mission Statement of CLK


We live the spirit of pioneers.

   "Only those who dare to innovate, think and act creatively, activate innovation forces, increase and utilize their knowledge, will be successful in the long run



Our relationships with customers, suppliers, and colleagues are defined by respect, appreciation, and constructive interactions. We place great importance on being open-minded and unbiased in seeking and actively pursuing new opportunities and ideas. This is essential for expanding our technical edge and continuously advancing.



Our focus on high-quality standards is ensured through the application of defined processes, which are continuously monitored and optimized by our process owners and employees. A strong learning culture is a vital part of our corporate culture, allowing us to constantly improve and further develop our quality



We aim for each individual to identify with the company and its objectives and to engage in fostering the team community.





Continous Development

Every employee should have a secure job for the future. Our employees are our most valuable asset. We support and challenge them, aiming to create a pleasant working atmosphere through respectful and considerate interaction.



We achieve team success through constructive interactions with customers and colleagues, competence, collaboration, and the independent actions of each individual.



Automated Intelligence

We work on artificial intelligence for machines and systems as a prerequisite for production in the digital age. We aim to grow beyond the Münsterland region and occupy niches with intelligent image processing.


Ethical Entrepreneurial Action

The relationship between leaders and employees comes first, as their identification and motivation drive success.

We strive for long-term business relationships with customers and suppliers.

Contributing to Animal Welfare Through the development of systems for health inspection of animals, we contribute to improving animal welfare.

Our Motivated Team Our motivated team and their knowledge are our most valuable assets, forming the backbone of our technical edge. The CLK fosters and challenges the team in this regard.