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Scrap Sorting - SmartMetalSorter

Our product, the SmartMetalSorter, offers a solution to these challenges. With our innovative combination of hyperspectral camera and delta-picker, we can separate materials quickly and precisely, reducing sorting time and error rates. Further below, you will find more information on the technical specifications and features of our product.


Our hyperspectral camera captures the entire visible and near-infrared spectrum, enabling us to identify materials based on their spectral signatures. This approach allows us to separate materials in a way that is not possible with conventional methods.

The delta-picker allows us to separate the identified materials quickly and accurately. This robot can grip up to 90 parts per minute and suction up to 120 parts per minute. This enables us to separate even large quantities of scrap quickly and efficiently. Another advantage of our system is its flexibility. It can be used for the separation of individual materials as well as the separation of multiple materials simultaneously. The option to place multiple systems consecutively on a conveyor belt increases its versatility.


By combining innovative technology and high performance, our product provides an effective solution for challenges in recycling metal and electronic waste. Whether it's facilitating the separation of contaminated scrap, increasing performance, or meeting regulatory requirements, our product is the perfect choice. The system is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. Learning new materials and sorting conditions can also be quickly and easily implemented by CLK GmbH.

Our company, CLK GmbH, has been in business for 25 years and has gained an international reputation through custom developments and series products for the industry. We value close customer relations and are always ready to customize our systems according to customer requirements.

If you would like to learn more about our product and its benefits for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.


Applications and Industries

The SmartMetalSorter is particularly suitable for metal separation in the recycling industry. Our innovative system, consisting of a hyperspectral camera and a delta-picker, allows for precise and efficient sorting in various tasks, such as:


  • Recycling of aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Separation of copper and brass
  • Detection of brass and chrome/nickel-plated metals
  • Sorting of stainless steel and lead
  • Ejection of boards from electronic devices
  • Cleaning out plastics and other non-metallic materials


Our system is capable of quickly and reliably separating these metals from each other, leading to higher material yield and more efficient processing. Due to its ability to handle contaminated materials, it is particularly well-suited for use in the recycling industry. Our technology enables companies to reduce personnel and material costs while minimizing environmental impact.



Frequently asked questions regarding our System

How does the system work?

How does the system work?
Our system consists of a hyperspectral camera and a delta-picker. The camera scans the scrap on the conveyor belt and creates a hyperspectral image from it. This is then evaluated by an AI software that identifies the material and controls the gripper arms of the delta-picker accordingly. This way, materials are sorted and separated.



Which materials can the system separate?

Which materials can the system separate?
Our system is capable of recognizing and separating a variety of metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper, zinc, brass, and stainless steel. Separation of boards is also possible. Further customization based on customer requests is feasible.


Can the system be used for separating materials other than metals?

Can the system be used for separating materials other than metals?
Indeed, the system can also be used for the separation of materials other than metals, such as plastics or ceramics. However, the primary application of the system is the separation of metals, and the best results are achieved in this area.


What is the system's performance?

What is the system's performance?
Our system can grip up to 90 parts per minute (metal scrap) and suction up to 120 parts per minute (e.g., boards). These figures refer to the optimum performance with ideally distributed scrap on the conveyor belt, a bandwidth of 1000mm, and the ejection of a single material type per cell.


Performance Features

  • Highly accurate separation of metal and electronic waste using hyperspectral imaging

  • Flexible adaptation to different sorting conditions through machine learning

  • Sorting rate of up to 90 parts per minute (metal scrap) and up to 120 parts per minute (boards)

  • Material detection: metals (aluminum, copper, brass, steel, zinc, etc.), boards in various colors, other foreign substances (plastics, etc.), further options available upon request

  • Robust detection even with contaminated scrap

  • Rapid learning of new materials and sorting conditions by CLK

  • Optimal handling of various fractions thanks to integrated recipe management

  • Integration into customer systems via OPC-U

  • Compliance with EU-wide regulations for the separation and recycling of metal and electronic waste

  • Application in various industries, such as electronics recycling, the automotive industry, and metal processing

Additional Information

  • Our company places great emphasis on customer proximity. This means that we customize the system to meet customer requirements, and fast and competent contact with us is always possible.

  • In the event of a failure, our technical support is always available. We work quickly and efficiently to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  • We offer both on-site and online training to facilitate system handling for you and your team.

  • The system's lifespan depends on maintenance frequency and usage. We provide a minimum guarantee of [X] years.


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