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Animal Industry

Animal Industry ChickenCheck - Camera-based Inspection System

Improving Animal Welfare in the Poultry Industry

The ChickenCheck system developed by CLK GmbH is a camera-based inspection system designed to improve animal welfare in the poultry industry. It uses visual analysis to detect and classify footpad injuries in poultr

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The CLK Yield System:

Innovative 3D Technology for Measuring Broiler Chicken Yield

The CLK Yield System is an advanced technology that employs two 3D cameras to capture detailed images of broiler chickens from various angles. These images are analyzed using image recognition algorithms and machine learning techniques to extract anatomical features of the animals, such as the size and shape of the breast, legs, and hips.

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Carcass Evaluation of Pigs:

Detection of ear and tail tip necrosis using 3D cameras and specialized algorithms

Image processing plays a crucial role in the carcass evaluation of pigs, particularly in detecting ear and tail tip necrosis. These conditions can affect meat quality and may be caused by inadequate housing conditions.

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