Automatically recognizing Boytritis in tomato plants

For the EUREGIO-Project ‚Healthy greenhouse‘ (Gezonde kas) we developed a system that measures the photosynthesis activity of tomato plants. Measuring the photosythesis gives an indication of the plant’s stress level, which causes a higher risk of boytritis (mould).

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  1. A 3D camera detects the stem of the tomato plant and determines the position of the system.
  2. When the system is in front of the tomato plant it illuminates the plant with red light. After that a Chlorophyll fluorescence camera measures the light that the plant emits back (Chlorophyll fluorescence).
  3. If the plant shows indications of higher photosynthesis, the system spray it with fungicide, so the boytritis doesn’t spread.


Other applications in fruit and vegetable cultivation

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    Removal of foreign objects from the spinach production

  • optical control sugar beet

    Optical quality control of sugar beets

  • Automatisierte Blütenausdünnung SmaArt

    Thinning blossoms automatically


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