Thinning blossoms automatically

Blossom thinning is one of the most important steps in fruit cultivation to optimize the fruit size and quality for commercialisation. The biggest challenge in blossom thinning is to determine how much thinning is needed and which spindle rotation speed should be used.

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We developed a solution for the mechanical blossom thinning in cooperation with the company FruitTec. The SmaArt system determines the amount of blossoms on every single tree with a camera and sends the real-time information to a board computer. The board computer calculates the spindle rotation speed that is needed to get an optimal blossom ratio for each tree.

The advantages of the SmaArt System:

  • Cheap blossom thinning without chemical agents#
  • Automatic and objective determinaton of spindle rotation speed
  • Applicable for every common type of fruit
  • Optimation of fruit size and quality
  • Can be used regardless of weather conditions

More information about the SmaArt Project can be found here.

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