Sorting cutlery automatically


For the company Brimato we developed an image processing solution that is being used in a cutlery sorting system. The automation of cutlery sorting significantly increases the efficiency and the hygiene level in the kitchen of gastronomy businesses.

The cutlery pieces get classified into different categories and are being sorted accordingly. The image processing system checks the different features like the lenght, width and form of the cutlery. Then the system sorts the recognized cutlery pieces into the right cutlery tray.

Technical properties

  • Identification of up to 8500 pieces of cutlery per hour
  • Up to 8 different pieces of cutlery
  • Identification of up to 99 cutlery sets
  • Sorting of metal and plastic cutlery

Here you can find more information about the cutlery sorting system.

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Other sorting systems

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    Palletizing robot


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