Quality control of cast parts

The quality control of aluminium high pressure die casting checks if the cast parts have shrink holes. The cast parts have clearance holes drilled into them for cables, which sometimes causes shrinking. Quality control is very important to make sure that the cast parts have a high durability.

This system uses an industrial camera and an optic endoscope with lighting to check the aluminium cast parts. This inspection unit is attached to a rail that inserts the endoscope into the cast parts.


  • Optic endoscope with 360° rotation
  • Positioning accuracy ±150 mm
  • Online Web Interface
  • Saves all images of defect cast parts
  • Compliance with system operator

The system recognizes shrink holes as disruptions in the surface and can automatically analyze the size of the defects.

Cast part without shrink hole

Cast part with shrink hole

Other applications in the metal processing industry

  • Automatisches Schweissen

    Automatic Welding

  • Vollautomatische Schweißbahnplanung

    Automatic welding path planning

  • High Speed-Endkontrolle mechanischer Bauteile

    Mechanical components check


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