Shape recognition and foreign body detection

Using digital image processing, objects can be captured in 2D or 3D regardless of their position. Our systems can check your products for different attributes at the same time:

  • Quality
  • Foreign objects
  • Colour
  • Geometry
  • Countring
  • Identification
  • Position

Easy user interface

You are always in charge of your quality control. Our user interface is easy to operate and can be fully adapted to your needs.

  • Easy to operate
  • Real-time visualization
  • Adjustable quality levels
  • Automated report compilation

Other applications in meat processing

  • Automatic quality check for ear necrosis

    Animal Quality of Pigs

  • Fleisch in definierter Weise schneiden

    Automatic meat cutting line calculation

  • Gesundheitskontrolle in der Tierhaltung

    Breast and back control for poultry


Dr. Carsten Cruse
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