Serial solutions

Low quantities with a high quality

With some special developments the possibility is given to make the automation solution accessible to a bigger circle of our customers. We offer you small series with a high degree of specialization and diverse possible applications. Of course these advanced systems can be altered to fit your individual needs. You profit from the continuous further development of the system, that we can provide to you through updates and periodic service appointments.

Do you have a great idea that you want to develop and produce in small series? Then you can profit from our experience in the fields of complex image processing and robotics. We advice you about the possibilities and together we can develop a ready-to-use product that meets your expectations.

Our serial solutions

  • Automatisches Schweissen

    Welding heat exchangers

  • Verpackung von Käse automatisch kontrollieren


  • Schinken automatisch kontrollieren

    meat cutting robot

  • Automatisierte Blütenausdünnung

    Darwin SmaArt

  • Bestecksortierung

    ABS Cutlery recognition

  • Qualitätsbeurteilung im Nassbereich

    Chicken quality check

  • Optische Qualitätskontrolle Ohrrandnekrose

    Pig quality check

The best performance factor is personal know-how

Our success is built on a well-established and experienced team of engineers and experts from the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, physics and mathematics. As a team, we work out an appropriate solution to your specific requirements.