• Image with functional sequence


  • Expensive clamping devices and procedures unnecessary – rough positioning of +/- 100mm sufficient
  • No CAD model required
  • Highest level of efficiency by keeping downtime to a minimum
  • Suitable for workpieces made of steel and stainless steel
  • Automatic welding line calculation in a few seconds
  • Simple adjustment of welding parameters
  • Precision of up to 0.1mm
  • Correct welding even in the case of components with minor deformities such as manufacturing tolerances

Modules available:

  • Sensor with evaluation
  • Senor including robot
  • Complete processing cell thanks to cooperation with our strong partners


  • Weld assessment

Examples of welding applications

  • Automatisches Schweißen von Gittern

    Automatic Welding of Gratings

  • Automatisches Schweissen

    Automatic Welding

  • Vollautomatische Schweißbahnplanung

    Automatic welding path planning

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