Optical quality control of eggs

The system performs an optical quality control by determining the color, contrast and hight of the eggs on a tray. This way defects, dirt or deviations of the eggs can be determined automatically. After the quality check a robot discharges or disposes the faulty eggs from the production line.

The system checks for:

  • Unsmooth shell/cracked eggs
  • Form defects (size, ovality)
  • Unreadable egg marking
  • Dirt


  • IP67-secured system
  • Quality control of ca. 100.000 eggs per hour
  • Optimal recognition through a combination of color information and height data
  • Detailed automatic reporting

Other Pick & Place applications

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    Packaging system for food supplements

  • Robot automatically picks

    Unpack & position

  • Robot palletizer

    Palletizing robot


Dr. Carsten Cruse
Tel. +49 2505 93620-10
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