Quality control of brick tiles

The online quality control of brick tiles  checks the measurements (length, height, width, angle, etc.) of brick tiles with a combination of a 2D-color camera and a 3D-camera.


  • Fully automatic evaluation
  • Recognizes outbreaks and dimensional deviation
  • Checks the type of stone
  • Color check

Optical check for color deviation

The system recognizes deviations from the reference color and defects with the 2D image.

Optical check of the surface in 3D

The system checks the surface of the brick tiles for chipping, bending or surface defects with the 3D-image.

Other measuring systems

  • Inspection of cast parts

    Shrink hole inspection of cast parts

  • Insulation tubes quality check

    High-precision 3D inline inspection

  • High Speed-Endkontrolle mechanischer Bauteile

    Mechanical components check


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