Mechanical components check

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Material and process variations sometimes cause different opening sizes in the production of safety clamps. The quality control system measures the opening of the clamps with ±0,02 mm accuracy and a speed of 6 clamps per second.

Using a ‚Border finder‘, the system uses the smallest distance between the ends of the clamps as the opening size.

The system counts consecutive clamps that don’t meet the requirements. If this number exceeds the set threshold value, the system sends a digital output signal so the bending process can be adjusted.

  • High speed measuring (6 clamps per second)
  • ±0,02 mm accuracy
  • Counting consecutive defect security clamps
  • Acquiring unit with IP67 protection case

High Speed-Endkontrolle mechanischer Bauteile

Other applications in the metal processing industry

  • Automatisches Schweißen von Gittern

    Automatic Welding of Gratings

  • Insulation tubes quality check

    High-precision 3D inline inspection

  • High Speed-Endkontrolle mechanischer Bauteile

    Mechanical components check


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