Poultry breast and back evaluation

The breast and back check is a module oft he ChickenCheck system. To check the compliance with health requirements for poultry, the breast and back check measures the volume of swollen spots using a 3D camera. In addition to that, the system also recognizes skin alterations on the breast and back. The system offers abbatoirs the possibility to classify the poultry into different quality levels and evaluate every breeder objectively.


  • Automatic control of health requirements
  • IP69K-protected acquisition unit with lighting
  • Sorting in up to 5 fully customizable quality levels
  • Highly efficient evaluation with database connection
  • Detailed automated reporting
  • Autonomous test and warning system

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The system can  be flexibly adapted to your environmental conditions and can easily be integrated into the current production process. The automatic control enables a quality control in which the quality of every animal is evaluated individually.

In addition to that, it is possible to automatically generate daily reports and to connect those to a tablet or smartphone.

Other applications in the meat processing industry

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