Packaging system for food supplements

With this innovative packaging system, we meet the challenge to automatically close different bottle sizes with a preferably high cyclic output. Bottle- and cap combinations of different forms can be closed with a speed of up to 50 cycles per minute and a very low setup time. The system offers options for both screw or snap-on closures. Through the application of the most modern technologies like cameraguided robots and the Multi Carrier System (MCS) of Siemens/Festo we developped a highly flexible system. A reliable image processing unit checks the correct placement of the caps.


  • Suitable for screw or snap-on closue
  • Up to 50 bottles pro minute
  • Counts the processed bottles
  • 10+ different kinds of bottles and caps
  • Easy addition of new types of bottles and caps
  • Extremely short setup time through extensive automization of format adjustment

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