Image processing

We simply see more!

We set new standards for industrial image processing by continuously finding new and innovative automation solutions for complex problems. The industrial image processing systems that we develop are being used for object recognition, measuring, identification, quality assessment and completeness checks as well as robot guidance.

Wide range of services

The range of our services is very versatile. Small companies and big enterprises at home and abroad rely on us for solving their complex image processing problems. Our competences reach from detailed feasability studies and the development of individual and serial solutions to creating fully integrated components and automation solutions that are ready to use.

In the field of image processing we specialized in the recognition of defects or deviations of non-standardized objects. Through the use of a combination of 3D-cameras and 2D-color cameras our systems are able to constantly and objectively evaluate in a way that is human-like. That is especially valuable for industries in which no product looks exactly the same.

One big example is the food industry, in which natural products like meat and vegetables never look identical. Through the use of flexible hard- and software we are able to easily adapt our systems to your individual preferences or proposed amendments.

Examples of image processing applications

  • Bestecksortierung

    Sorting cutlery automatically

  • Bei der Ernte Stielanteil bestimmen

    Optical evaluation of stem content in spinach

  • Quality control for cheese packaging

    Packaging control for cheese

  • Klinkerriemchen

    Quality Control of Brick Tiles

The best performance factor is personal know-how

Our success is built on a well-established and experienced team of engineers and experts from the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, physics and mathematics. As a team, we work out an appropriate solution to your specific requirements.