In the course of animal welfare campaigns, it is increasingly important to perform quality checks for slaughter poultry in the food industry. Thats why we developed the ChickenCheck system. The ChickenCheck is a modular system that evaluates the quality of poultry. It enables abbatoirs to categorize poultry in 5 different quality levels and it objectively evaluates every breeder.

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The ChickenCheck system automatically assesses the quality of the poultry and evaluates deviations on the feet, knees, breast and back. For example, the system recognizes:

  • Foot pad lesions
  • Hockburns
  • Breast blisters (including 3D volume measuring)
  • Buttons
  • Color change of the skin
  • Scratchings

The use of the ChickenCheck system is not limited to chicken. Through the continuous further development of the system, we are now able to asses the quality of turkeys and ducks as well. No matter if it is chicken, turkey or duck, we check the quality of your poultry.

ChickenCheck Modules

  • Gesundheitskontrolle in der Tierhaltung

    Breast and back control for poultry

  • Qualitätsbeurteilung von Hühnergelenken

    Optical control of poultry joints

  • Qualitätsbeurteilung im Nassbereich

    Footpad inspection


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