Measuring the amount of pig blood


  • Monitoring of the slaughter process with the assistance of a thermal imaging camera (thermographic camera)
  • Exact determination of the amount of blood drained after stunning
  • Real-time transmission of information to staff on site
  • Highly efficient evaluation with database connection
  • Recording unit with illumination, protected for use in harsh environments
  • Detailed automated report compilation
  • Autonomous test & warning system for system conditions
  • Sorting into up to five quality levels – which can be set individually


  • Implementation of animal welfare guidelines
  • Simple integration into existing system
  • Real-time transmission
  • Flexibly adaptable to environmental conditions
  • Simple to integrate into existing system controls
  • Neutral evaluation of every farmer
  • Ensuring the well-being of the animal
  • 100% control


  • Automatic generation of daily reports
  • Linking of the reports to a tablet/smartphone

Blutmessung beim Schwein

Other applications in the meat processing industry

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