Automatic welding of  heat exchangers

Automatisches Schweissen


  • No need for expensive clamping devices and processes, approximate positioning ± 1 00 mm is sufficient
  • No CAD model necessary
  • Highest efficiency with minimal downtime
  • No teaching / no offline programming
  • Suitable for workpieces made of steel and stainless steel
  • Accuracy of up to 0.1 mm
  • Automatic welding path calculation in a matter of seconds
  • Correct welding for parts with small production tolerances
  • Transfer onto other processes like varnishing, milling, sanding, montage etc. or other materials possible

1. Rough localisation

of the components using 3D overview camera. The position of the component is largely arbitrary.

2. Path calculation

for the scanning process, based on the 3D overview image.

3. Fine scanning

of the component, using a 3D laser scanner mounted on the robot, for accuracy up to 0.1 mm.

4. Welding path calculation (Version A)

by comparing with a CAD file with defined welding points and -parameter.

4. Welding path calculation (Version B)

by defining rules (e.g. circles Ø 10 – 60 mm).

5. Welding

of the component along the automatically defined welding path.


  • Sensor with software
  • Sensor including robot
  • Complete processing cell in cooperation with our partners


  • Error detection
  • Weld seam rating
  • Special customisation
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Other applications in the metal processing industry

  • Automatisches Schweißen von Gittern

    Automatic Welding of Gratings

  • Vollautomatische Schweißbahnplanung

    Automatic welding path planning

  • High Speed-Endkontrolle mechanischer Bauteile

    Mechanical components check


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