Evaluation of animal welfare indicators for slaughter pigs

Complete documentation of slaughter pigs:

  • Analyses pigs and classifies them into different quality levels
  • Highly efficient evaluation with database connection
  • Acquisition unit with lighting, protected for use in harsh environments
  • Detailed automatic reporting
  • Autonomous test- and warning system
  • Sorting into 5 adaptable quality levels

Validation is scientifically supported by the Institute of Animal Hygiene, Ethology and Animal Welfare of the Foundation of the University of Veterinary Medicine of Hanover within the scope of a study funded by the QS Science Fund


  • Individual evaluation of every slaughter pig
  • Easy to integrate into current production line
  • Flexibly adaptable to environmental conditions
  • Objective evaluation of every breeder
  • Improving animal welfare


  • Automatic generation of daily reports
  • Possibility to connect reports to tablet/smartphone

Benutzeroberfläche Qualiätskontrolle Schwein

Fully automatic evaluation of selected animal welfare indicators:

  • Thickening of joints
  • Decubitus of joints
  • Necrosis of tail
  • Necrosis of the edge of the ear
  • Tail length

Other applications in the meat processing industry

  • Fleisch in definierter Weise schneiden

    Automatic meat cutting line calculation

  • Optische Kontrolle von Schinken

    Shape recognition and foreign body detection

  • Blutmessung beim Schwein

    Blood measuring in pigs


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