About us

Intelligent image processing & robotics at the highest level

CLK GmbH has been your contact for high-quality solutions in industrial image processing and flexible robotics since 1996. We develop, produce and sell non-contact quality-control and positioning systems for a wide range of application areas, primarily in the food industry. Image processing is complemented by handling as well as robotic cutting and welding here.

Our location

At our new home in Altenberge, a laboratory specially set up for image processing and a test hall are allowing us to ensure fast development upon customer request.

Laboratory: Image processing: cameras, lens and lighting variants
Test hall: Robotics: articulated arm and parallel kinematics, various grab variants

Our primary aim: to improve your competitiveness

We help you to optimise your production processes, to rule out sources of error in advance or to make fast movement sequences more transparent, keeping your product quality in focus at all times.
We implement customer-specific image processing solutions for a wide range of applications with high performance requirements. The food and packaging industry are the primary users of our solutions.

The best performance factor is personal know-how

Our success is built on a well-established and experienced team of engineers and experts from the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, physics and mathematics. As a team, we work out an appropriate solution to your specific requirements. Contact us here.

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