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Your Quality is our Vison - Automatisierung. Einfach. Flexibel
Your Quality is our Vison - Automatisierung. Einfach. Flexibel


CLK GmbH - Intelligent Image Processing & Robotics at the Highest Level

Our Core Competencies

Image Processing

Industrial image processing
- We simply recognize more.


Flexible and precise
- The robot in quality control.

Custom Solutions

made easy.

Special Solutions

The right partner
for individual requirements.


The CLK GmbH, headquartered in Altenberge, has been your partner since 1996 for intelligent solutions in industrial image processing and flexible robotics. We develop, produce, and distribute contactless quality control and positioning systems for various applications, primarily in the food and packaging industry.


Whether it's a standard or custom solution, the CLK team sets new standards by providing innovative automation solutions for complex problems


About us:



"We help you optimize your production processes, eliminate sources of errors in advance,
and always keep your product quality in mind."

Dr. Carsten Cruse, CEO of CLK GmbH

Industry Solutions

Meat Industry

Food Industry


Metal Industry

Packaging Industry

Production Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry

Your Advantages with Our Systems:

Our Top Priority: Improving Your Competitiveness

We assist you in optimizing your production processes, excluding sources of errors in advance, or making fast movements more transparent, always keeping your product quality in focus.


We deliver customized image processing solutions for a wide range of applications with high performance requirements, with a primary focus on the food and packaging industry.




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